Blackie Chen Demands an Apology and Compensation From Former Hey Girl Member Da Ya After Accusations of Sexual Harassment

Blackie Chen
Blackie Chen and Daya
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Taiwan’s #MeToo movement is still going strong with story after story surfacing from women who won’t be silent anymore. This week, it’s Taiwanese actor-host Blackie Chen who is being accused of sexually harassing former Hey Girl member Da Ya. Blackie has already denied all the allegations in a statement through his lawyer saying a civil suit has been filed against the singer-VJ for the serious damage to his reputation. A NT$ 10 million compensation and a public apology on Facebook is also being demanded as part of the conditions of the suit.

What She Said

Da Ya recounted her own #MeToo ordeal on a Facebook post yesterday June 27 where she said her harasser first tried getting her hotel room number. Later when she was about to jump into the shower, he rang the bell to her room and forced his way in. When she tried to open her door, she recounted how he grabbed her from behind and pushed her down on the bed. Luckily, she said she managed to push him off. She then tried holding him off and told him her friend would be coming to her room any time now. That was thankfully when he decided to “give up”.

Although she didn’t specifically name her harasser, the singer-VJ did however drop a hint referring to the person as “her boss at the time, Mr Chen”. It can be remembered that Hey Girl was created through Blackie’s Teenage Club which had the goal of creating new girl groups in Taiwan. But even more telling was how she mentioned “Mr’s Chen’s” wife is called Fan Fan, a nickname oft used to refer to Blackie’s wife Christine Fan. This caused Netizens to speculate heavily that the Mr Chen she mentioned is actually Blackie Chen.

NT$ 10 Million and an Apology

Meanwhile, Blackie immediately denied the allegations as soon as it went viral through a lawyer statement issued yesterday, June 27. In a joint statement issued today, June 28, with his wife Christine Fan who stepped up to support him, his lawyer emphasised three points. First, he asserted that Da Ya’s accusations are completely untrue and that the negative effect to his reputation is enormous. As such, they have filed a civil lawsuit with the Taipei District Court requiring a compensation of NT$ 10 million (approximately US$ 322,017) AND a public apology on Facebook. Secondly, the 10 million from the suit will be donated to organisations specializing in women’s rights and fighting crime/violence against women. Lastly, they also reminded everyone that outlets reporting unverified and false information that is damaging to a person’s reputation will also be held liable.

As for Da Ya, she continues to hold strong to her statement saying that “my statement are all facts. I have a clear conscience. Justice will prevail”.

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