Wang Yibo Sisheng Fan Follows Him Onboard a Flight and Causes Scene Declaring Her Love

Wang Yibo Sisheng Fan Follows Him Onboard a Flight and Causes Scene Declaring Her Love
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Wang Yibo had a truly crazy fan encounter recently. A die-hard fan followed him onboard a flight and proceeded to cause a ruckus. According to reports, the woman knelt down on the aisle declaring her love to him in the middle of takeoff. She shouted, “Your majesty, please accept this concubine’s worship. Your majesty, I love you! I love you! I love you!” to the idol. On top of that, the fan kept yelling “I love you’s” over the pre-flight safety announcements and even after takeoff. So much so that the crew was finally forced to call the cops on her. Good thing her actions didn’t cause any accidents. But in response to this latest bout of fans behaving badly, Yibo’s management company Yuehua Entertainment issued a statement calling it out.

Recently, our artist Mr Wang Yibo has been harassed by sisheng (stalker) fans whose actions have seriously affected not only his work, but the daily lives of his family and friends. It has also negatively impacted public social order.” It can be remembered the extremes his fans went to just to get close to their favourite idol. A few years ago, his privacy was seriously violated when sisheng fans repeatedly put GPS trackers on his car. Aside from this, Yuehua also enumerated the various ways fans have harassed the actor, from multiple attempts to break into a closed set, to harassing his friends and family in their homes, mobbing Yibo in public places, trailing him on planes, chasing his car to disrupting public order.

However, despite repeated warnings from Yuehua about the legal consequences and attempts to call out and educate fans on the right way to chase stars, such efforts appear to have fallen on deaf ears. Which is maybe the reason why some of Wang Yibo’s fans are unhappy with his management team’s reaction towards this recent incident. They said merely issuing statements this time to call out fans’ misbehavior isn’t enough. As proven time and again, it doesn’t seem like sisheng fans are paying any heed and that harsher actions need to be taken against them, they say. Call the police and take legal action for the harassment, some Netizens suggested. Others said what’s more important is to take pro-active measures to ensure these things wouldn’t happen again.

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