It Gets Worse: Photographers Take Upskirt Photos of Yang Mi, Wang Yibo and Karry Wang Frustrated By Stalkers

Photographer Takes Upskirt Photos of Yang Mi, Wang Yibo and Karry Wang Frustrated By Sisheng Stalkers
Another day, another run in with daipai* and sisheng**. Only this time around actress Yang Mi was the most recent target of the disrespectful upskirting pictures daipai attempted to take as she was going up the stairs! Thankfully, the actress subscribed to the cardinal rule of anyone wearing a dress or a skirt which is to always wear a pair of shorts underneath. But even so, this latest effort of upskirting is simply inexcusable. 

Photographer Takes Upskirt Photos of Yang Mi

The photos have enraged netizens who are tagging her agency Jaywalk Studio on social media to take better care of their artist. This sorry state of things also prompted the crew of Novoland: Pearl Eclipse to take protective action in preventing daipais and sishengs from further destroying sets and taking disrespectful photos of the actors according to a statement they released earlier today. Moreover, it also emphasised that the crew will not hesitate to take strong action against anyone that violates the actor’s privacy and calls on people to be reasonable.

Photographer Takes Upskirt Photos of Yang Mi
Clearly, daipai and sisheng fans have been going to greater lengths just to get the money shot as incidents seem to get more outrageous each time. Why just recently Legend of Fei actor Wang Yibo vented out his frustration once again at sisheng fans and daipai who obviously didn’t know how to respect his boundaries. “After being tired from a hard day’s work, can’t I even get a break to sleep in the car? My staff were all standing in front of your car (to block the way I suppose) and yet you still dared to drive forward? And then for a long time now I have strangers knocking on my hotel door in the middle of the night. A tracker is installed in my car. Whereever I go there are people tirelessly trailing my every more. I really can’t take this anymore!!
 Wang Yibo and Karry Wang Frustrated By Sisheng Stalkers


Even TF Boy Karry Wang Junkai who must be more used to this given the fact that he’s been in the industry from when he was still a young teen was similarly affected when his studio wrote about an incident recently – “Thank you very much for your constant attention and love for Mr. Wang Junkai, and for your continued support and encouragement. Recently, some irrational friends have been chasing and following the car, gathering in the hotel lobby and corridor where Mr. Wang Junkai is staying, and even blocking the door. Such behavior not only affects the normal work and life of Mr. Wang Junkai, but also seriously interferes with public order.

Furthermore, Karry’s team also adds that the idol “does not encourage any form of chasing and stalking behavior from fans. Don’t gather in public places such as airports, hotels, recording sites or even hotels near where Mr. Wang Junkai is staying. And don’t buy information about his itinerary. Mr. Wang Junkai hopes to give back to everyone’s support through better works, and also hopes that fans can respect and understand each other. During this special period, we sincerely hope that everyone will “chase stars” rationally, be responsible for their own safety and health, don’t crowd and jointly maintain a good order.”

 Wang Yibo and Karry Wang Frustrated By Sisheng Stalkers


Oh dear, the stories are becoming more and more alarming and really, proper privacy guidelines and policies must be set before things get too far.
*daipai (拍): paparazzi or photographers fans can hire to take photos of their idols on their behalf. The term literally means to be a substitute (dai) in taking photos of others (pai).
**sisheng fan (私生饭) : fans who obsessively stalk their idols to the point of being invasive. It is the Chinese equivalent for the Korean term sasaeng fan (私生팬)

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