Wang Yibo’s Fan Club Releases Notice to Stalker Fans

As the novel Coronavirus outbreak continues to affect so many lives globally, it may come as a surprise that this does not stop the most extreme fans to go on with their usual stalking activities. China may have already released a notice to suspend all filming activities, but it did not hinder popular actor Wang Yibo from getting chased by what dubbed to be as sisheng or stalker fans.

In a notice released by the actor’s fan club, they received a notification from Yibo’s company that there were still fans who were interrupting him and his family’s lives. The fan club echoed that the recent epidemic has been severe and that Henan, Yibo’s hometown, is also an epidemic-prone area. This is why for the sake of wishing upon good health on Yibo and everyone, the fan club urges these sisheng fans to stop with their behaviors of harassment already. They have also stated in the notice that they will not hesitate to call the police should this action be deemed necessary.
To quote the fan club’s notice, “In the face of the epidemic, we hope everyone will respond to the national call and lessen leaving the house. Be responsible for yourself, to others, to life!”. Such helpful reminders could not be any more right. I have always heard about these kind of fans but it is only now that I have felt really worried about it. The Coronavirus outbreak is a serious matter. Just like any of us, Yibo is also an ordinary person who is worried about this epidemic and especially that his and his family’s safety are being compromised at the expense of others’ fantasies. With or without the virus, sisheng behaviors should not be tolerated and must be given immediate action.
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