Show Lo Reveals His Female Alter Ego Is Now a Thailand Tourism Ambassador

Show Lo Now a Thailand Tourism Ambassador with His Song That Features His Female Alter Ego
Photos: 羅志祥 SHOW / Facebook

Show Lo recently announced that his female alter ego Zhu Bishi (朱碧石) is now acting as a tourism ambassador for Thailand. Since signing with Warner Music in Taiwan last October, the 43-year-old singer-actor-host reintroduced his “twin sister” Zhu Bishi through his Mai Dong Kwa (買冬瓜) MV.

The single which has Show Lo crossdressing as his female alter ego is very much Thai inspired from its location, costume down to its Thai subtitles. The song’s lyrics in Mandarin are also meant to sound like Thai phrases such as the song’s title “Mai Dong Kwa,” which means “buy winter melon” sounding like “Don’t Be Afraid ไม่ต้องกลัว” in Thai. It’s no wonder the song drew attention from Thai audiences and even made the local news.

According to reports, the Taipei office of the Tourism Authority of Thailand invited Zhu Bishi to be a tourism ambassador. “She” said it’s an honor and even joked, “My popularity must have surpassed that of my brother Lui Zhixiang…” Since launching his comeback, Show Lo has made public appearances in character as Zhu Bishi. He also took to social media to congratulate Zhu Bishi and reveals that “she” is set to comeback with another catchy song (水晶晶). The new single is said to also be set in Thailand and feature popular local spots.

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