Show Lo Channels BLACKPINK’s Lisa in New Single and Some Aren’t Happy with It

Show Lo

Show Lo kicks off his recent signing under the Warner Music banner with a brand new single entitled Mai Dong Gua 買冬瓜. But are folks just imagining it or is he channelling Blackpink’s Lisa in his Zhu Bishi (朱碧石) alter-ego? Remember his femme fatale persona in Go Fighting’s second season a couple of years ago? The controversial singer appears to have “resurrected” her to launch his new single this week.

Wearing a blonde wig done up in pigtails with red shorts and white boots, Netizens called out the look’s uncanny similarity to Lisa’s styling in her single “Money” released last year. When talk started to get heated and many accusing Show of plagiarising Lisa, his management Warner issued a statement saying Mai Dong Gua was inspired by Show’s own experiences in the past. They did also fully admit the team behind the styling designed it specially to pay tribute to Lisa who won last year’s 100 Top Beautiful Women of the World. Meanwhile, some Netizens continue to have a bone to pick as they feel that the singer-actor is using Lisa to create buzz.

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