Show Lo Signs with Warner Music, Says He’s Still In Touch with His Ex Grace Chow and Linda Chien

Show Lo Signs with Warner Music, Says He’s Still In Touch with His Ex Grace Chow and Linda Chien
Photos: Grace Chow, Show Lo and Linda Chien / Weibo

So Show Lo just landed himself a brand new contract with Warner Music. Appearing in front of media for a press conference to announce his signing on October 14, some of the questions for Show Lo expectedly veered towards his ex-girlfriend Grace Chow and host Linda Chien aka Sister Butterfly. After all, it has been two years since he was caught in a cheating scandal and went on hiatus before he slowly made his way back to the public eye.

We’re Friends

When asked about Grace Chow, Show Lo said they were originally friends and that they’d still greet each other during holidays. Meanwhile, Linda Chien who was the third party in his relationship with Grace, has quietly disappeared from the industry. Likewise, when asked whether they keep in touch, he said that he’s checked up on her through his company. As for her return to showbiz, Show said to ask her since it’s what she wants to do that’s important. “Now each one of us has our own life to live. Looking towards the future is the most important thing.” When asked whether Linda has found herself a new career, he said, “No, no. Everyone has to look forward. Needless to say, several years have already passed. Looking forward to the future is the best thing to do.”

In response to Grace’s dating rumors as of late and his dating life, Show said, “Say what, work is my priority right now. Wish each other well”. Not that the company imposed a ban on him having a girlfriend though – “I’m 43-years-old!” he laughed. Despite everything that happened, he shared that he’s not saying no to being in a relationship and that he’d open his heart once the right person came along.

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