Show Luo Issues Second Apology After Cheating Scandal Blew Up, Says Sorry to All the Women He Disrespected

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Show Luo and Grace Chow have dated for so long that they were even rumored to be getting married soon. Show is 40 years old and Grace is 31 years old. However, they’ve had zero interaction in recent months and the silence ultimately led to a shocking scandal that rocked the entertainment industry. Grace Chow dropped a bomb on her former beau accusing him of being a womanizer throughout their nine years together. Show Luo did not elaborate his side and simply wrote an apology due to his personal affairs taking up public resources.  

Show Luo Second Apology After Scandal
As the scandal continued to blow up, Show took to his social media accounts at 5 in the morning the next day with a formal apology to his ex Grace Chow and to all the women he disrespected. He wrote, “With regards to this relationship, I want to solemnly apologize to Miss @GraceChow. Sorry, I was wrong! You have done so much for me in this nine years, I’m the one who didn’t know how to cherish this relationship. With an attitude that was childish and thinking that I got lucky, I lied to you over and over again, causing you to be hurt and sad. I did make a lot of mistakes, I also want to apologize to all the women who have been deceived and disrespected by me. Sorry, I will bear the consequences of this.”
Identity of Female Artist Under Show’s Company 
Following Grace Chow’s controversial revelation which implied that Show was cheating on her with the female artist under his company, his makeup artist and many other women, the identity of the female artist has come under scrutiny as there is only one under his company. Linda Chien 簡愷樂 who goes by the stage name Butterfly 蝴蝶姐姐 is a host on the Taiwanese show 100% Entertainment.   
Grace did not mince words in her responses. When a commenter showed support and said that Grace should seriously consider getting tested for STDs, Grace said that she immediately went for a checkup and she is clear. She also added, “Are you saying to tell Butterfly to get a checkup?” When a commenter was wondering who the third party was, Grace wrote, “I’ll help you” and tagged Butterfly’s Instagram account. 
At Risk of Losing His Job
Show Luo is currently undergoing 14-day mandatory quarantine in China after flying in to start work on Go Fighting! where he is a series regular and girl group survival show Produce Camp 2020 where he has signed on to be a mentor. With his name dragged through the mud, many have been calling for him to be replaced. Although there has been no formal announcement, Produce Camp has removed promotional materials pertaining to Show Luo. Furthermore, due to the delay in Show’s arrival because of the pandemic, Wowkie Zhang has already stepped in as a temporary mentor. At this rate, Wowkie might just stay on for good.
Update: Celebrities Weigh In
Rapper Sepi who is friends with Show Luo started dissing Grace Chow on social media for being manipulative. He said that it was a mistake every man can make and there was no need for her to make things ugly for everyone. Cheney Chen Xuedong spoke up, “A mistake every man can make? Sorry, get out, what is this, don’t get the gender in trouble.” He further added, “What did men do to you for you to make such accusations.” Se Pi has since apologized for his comments. Zheng Shuang wrote to Grace Chow, “My heart hurts for your nine years, your words, still love him.”
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