Butterfly Issues Apology After Grace Chow Accused Her of Being the Third Party in Relationship With Show Luo

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It’s been a couple days since Chinese influencer Grace Chow basically outed her ex Show Luo for being a serial cheater when she announced that they’ve broken up after 9 years together. He has since written two public apologies, but it looks like the scandal which has turned sought-after entertainer Show Luo into a social pariah overnight shows no signs of abating. 

Grace Chow has both indirectly and directly linked Taiwanese host Linda Chien aka Butterfly Jiejie to the scandal when she said that Show had relationships with an artist under his label and Butterfly was, in fact, the only one who fits the description. Grace also tagged Butterfly’s Instagram account when a netizen told Grace to get checked for STD’s and also asked about the third party. Grace Chow responded, “Are you saying that Butterfly should get a check up?” 
On April 25, Butterfly finally broke her silence with an apology on Instagram. She wrote, “Here I want to offer my sincere apology to Miss Grace Chow. Sorry. And to everyone who loves me, sorry. ~ @gracechowwwww” 
100% entertainment
Okay, so I haven’t watched 100% Entertainment in ages but I still remember when I used to be a fan of the hosting tandem of Show Luo and Butterfly Jiejie so many years ago. With such a long history, reporters have been digging into past appearances and statements. On their show 100% Entertainment, Butterfly’s father can be heard asking Show Luo a question in 2011, “when are you going to give the betrothal gifts?” which left Show at a loss for words. In 2012, Show Luo and Butterfly were spotted staying at the same hotel when they vacationed in Thailand. In 2013, Show Luo was repeatedly spotted by paparazzi driving Butterfly to her home. In 2016, Butterfly’s dad said on a show, “Saw Show Luo going to my house for many days!” In 2017, Butterfly slip up when she was answering a question about Show Luo and said my boyfriend before changing it to my boss.
All the news coming out about them now is quite appalling and the apologies from both parties seem to confirm that they did indeed cheat. 
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