Show Luo’s Comeback Made it to Chinese Music Platforms, Some Question Why

Show Luo's Comeback Made it to Chinese Music Platforms, Some Question Why
Photo: 羅志祥 SHOW / Facebook

Taiwanese singer-actor and host Show Luo was forced to take a hiatus from showbiz after his influencer ex-girlfriend Grace Chow called him out for being a promiscuous cheater throughout their relationship.

Show laid low for the most part yet stayed active on social media and Youtube. More than a year later, he is back with a new single that dropped on November 20 to coincide with his mother’s birthday. His music video “Trap Game” garnered close to 500K views on Youtube in 24 hours and comments were mostly positive. However, there are also those criticizing the 42-year-old singer as he appears to have gained weight.

Show Luo Trap Game

While some assumed that he would only make a comeback in Taiwan, Show also took to social media to promote his song with links to QQ, KuGou, Migu, Kuwo, which are 4 major streaming platforms in Mainland China. While there are those that express support, some c-netizens question why he can make a comeback when so many celebs deemed “tainted” are being banned from the industry.

Meanwhile, Show Luo’s new single is being accused of plagiarizing the song “Lazarus REMIX” released by American singer Gawvi in 2014. Show’s agency responded by saying they bought the song from composer Jeremy Ji (Ji Jia Song) and will pass the news to him.

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