In his Latest Youtube Video, Show Lo Visits Kids He’s Been Helping for Years and Also Preempts What Bashers Would Say

In his Latest Youtube Video, Show Lo Visits Kids He's Been Helping Over the Years and Also Predicts What His Bashers Would Say
Photo: Show Lo / Instagram

Aside from continuing to manage his fashion label, Show Lo 羅志祥 has turned to Youtube since his career came to a standstill following his scandal in 2020. His Youtube channel called Show TV now has over 70,000 subscribers since its launch early this year. It’s a far cry from his heyday when he would have multiple shows. The Taiwanese entertainer is also part of the alleged blacklist of 25 personalities in China. Nonetheless, it seems he’s determined to keep doing what he’s doing.

In his latest Youtube upload, Show Lo does charity work as he visits children he’s been quietly helping for many years. They’ve been writing him letters and wanting to meet him but they don’t know his identity. Show started the video by saying that after it’s uploaded, his bashers would question his motives and accuse him of doing charity to clean up his image. He says, “I cannot clean it, don’t worry.” He also laughs, “I’m really more free now so I could see the kids.”

He says, “But this is how society is, if you don’t say today people will say you haven’t done it, if you say it today, you’ll be accused of putting on a show… say what you will, I will keep on doing it.” While Show has been publicly rebuked due to his scandal, there are still those who support him and left positive comments under his video.

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