Grace Chow Confirms New Romance Over A Year After Breakup with Show Luo

Grace Chow Confirms New Romance with Heir of Famous Bakery Chain Over A Year After Breakup with Show Luo

Since Grace Chow’s controversial breakup with ex-boyfriend Show Luo last April, the internet celebrity has gone on to enter the entertainment industry as part of the cast of the variety show Fourtry season 2. This year, she’ll be joining the Chinese dating show Meeting Mr. Right S4 女儿们的恋爱4 with her fuerdai (second generation rich) boyfriend Luo Hao.

Grace Chow said that her intention at first was to find a match through dating. Something happened along the way and it seems she’s found love. Luo Hao is the son of billionaire Luo Hong who founded Holiland, which is one of China’s largest bakery chains. Grace shared that she always loved the half-baked cheesecake from their shop even before she met her new beau, which got her co-star teasing that she’s dating him for the food. Grace Chow who’s known to be from a wealthy family coolly answered, “It’s not for the free cheesecake, I can afford it.”

The cast of Meeting Mr. Right Season 4

When asked what kind of person Luo Hao is, she said, “I thought I was the type to only consider looks but after I met him, I discovered I look at other things too. He’s the kind of person who is very mature on the outside but very much like a child in private. He’s very cultured but he and I have very similar hobbies and outlook.”

Grace Chow and Luo Hao were already spotted together twice by paparazzi though the dating rumors were never confirmed until now. Luo Hao who is an executive at Holiland is six years younger than Grace who is 32 years old.

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