“Tainted” Celebrities Scratched from Drama Posters: “Word of Honor” with No Zhang Zhehan, “Love O2O” with Just Yang Yang

Posters on social networking website Douban

There’s a list of 25 celebrities going around online that’s allegedly on the official blacklist by the government for various reasons like questionable morals. While the list itself is still purely a rumor, it includes “tainted” stars who have gotten into huge scandals recently, many of whom saw their names scrubbed from cast lists and their works taken down. And It looks even drama posters didn’t escape the chopping block for celebs deemed persona non grata in China.

Case in point, actor Zhang Zhehan whose visits to controversial war related shrines in Japan led to a huge boycott of his career was a casualty as the thumbnail poster for his hit drama Word of Honor 山河令 on the website Douban now only feature Simon Gong Jun. Honestly it’s weird to think about Simon’s Wen Kexing without Zhang Zhehan’s Zhou Zishu.

Zhang Zhehan scrapped from poster of Word of Honor as one of the blacklisted celebrities
Simon Gong Jun in Word of Honor

Likewise, other actors have found themselves in the same boat. Romance in the Rain 情深深雨蒙蒙 which starred Vicki Zhao Wei saw the actress’ face erased from the show’s poster on Douban. Weirdly, even co-star Ruby Lin seems to have gotten the ax as her image has also been cropped out. It leaves just the boys – Alec Su and Leo Ku in the finished picture. If you didn’t know any better, you might even think Romance in the Rain is just between the two male characters appearing on the poster.

As for Zhao’s Wei’s breakthrough role in the massive hit My Fair Princess 还珠格格, the actress didn’t fare any better even if she did portray the titular Princess Pearl. The series’ current poster on their Douban page now only features Ruby Lin with Vicki’s name also scratched out.

Alec Su and Leo Ku
Romance in the Rain starring ….. Leo Ku and Alec Su? Ruby Lin was also cropped out of the poster
Blacklisted celebrity ZHao Wei cropped out
Only Ruby Lin remains on the My Fair Princess Poster. Zhao Wei’s name also removed from the cast list

Zheng Shuang on the other hand whose surrogacy and abandonment scandal blew up the entire industry earlier in the year also got cropped out of the Love O2O 微微一笑很倾城 poster which now only features her co-star Yang Yang.

Yang Yang
New Love O2O poster featuring only Yang Yang (and a woman’s back)

Mind though that not all posters have been already “updated”, but I imagine it will just be a matter of time. Zhang Zhehan’s Legend of Yun Xi 芸汐传 for example has his image still intact and his name still on the roster. As far as Kris Wu who is front and center in the L.O.R.D. 2 poster, he too has not been scrapped just yet.

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