“Love O2O” and “Sword of Legends” Taken Down as China Clamps Down on Artists with Scandals

"Love O2O" and "Sword of Legends" Taken Down as China Clamps Down on Artists with Scandals

Too many scandals have shocked C-ent this 2021 and it looks like a massive overhaul is underway. In recent days, there has been a clamp down on toxic fan wars and a move to cancel survival reality shows. Before that, celebrities Kris Wu and Zhang Zhehan were blacklisted in China after their respective scandals.

It can be remembered that Zheng Shuang was caught in a surrogacy scandal early this year after her ex Zhang Heng repeatedly hurled accusations against her online to reveal voice recordings and chat records. The former couple are still caught in a he-said, she-said as he also accused her of engaging in yin yang contracts and tax evasion.

Zheng Heng Muted and Zheng Shuang’s Past Works Taken Down

On August 26, netizens noticed that Zhang Heng’s Weibo account has been temporarily muted on the grounds of violating community rules. Subsequently, Zheng Shuang’s Weibo SuperTopic, which is an online space for fans to gather and talk about their idol, has been shut down. Although she’s starred in many dramas, a search for her name on Chinese video platforms will no longer return the specific project. Her name was only previously removed from the cast list of Love O2O, her hit drama with Yang Yang, though the entire series was eventually taken down. Other dramas also removed include Rush to the Dead Summer and Sword of Legends. Sword of Legends, in particular, features the ensemble cast of Yang Mi, Li Yifeng, William Chan, Dilireba, Ma Tianyu with Zheng Shuang also in a supporting role. Unlike other celebrities who saw their social media presence removed, Zheng Shuang and her studio’s Weibo accounts still remain as of the writing of this post.

Huo Zun Muted and His Weibo SuperTopic Shut Down

Meanwhile, singer Huo Zun was recently also in a scandal due following accusations made by his ex-girlfriend. He withdrew from the industry while denying the accusations and has been caught in a he-said, she-said online. His Weibo account has now been temporarily muted and his Weibo SuperTopic also shut down.

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