Singer Huo Zun Withdraws from the Industry Following the Fallout from His Ex’s Explosive Accusations Yet Stresses He Never Cheated

Singer Huo Zun Withdraws from the Industry  Following the Fallout from His Ex's Explosive Accusations Yet Stresses He Never Cheated

Henry Huo Zun (霍尊) saw his reputation tank after his ex took to social media to claim he cheated multiple times throughout their 9 year relationship. Huo Zun has lost projects as a result of her many revelations such as the talent show “Call Me By Fire” which he withdrew from the day it premiered. On August 14, Huo Zun released a statement through his studio to announce his withdrawal from the entertainment industry.

He started off with an apology to everyone and said that his pridefulness, thoughtless words and inappropriate actions have had a negative impact on society. He said, “I am very sad and reluctant, but I am still bidding farewell to my showbiz career.” He also apologized to his ex and thanked her for their 8 years together. He reveals the incident has negatively impacted the people around him such as his friends and his mother who has gone into severe depression. Towards the end of his statement, he said “stop hurting the innocent, I will take responsibility for the faults that should be mine.”

Huo Zun Claims He Never Cheated

In his statement, Huo Zun details his side of the story saying that he first met his ex Lulu in 2012 and started dating 2013. They were together during his hard times as a singer. His career took a bright turn through the reality show Sing My Song 中国好歌曲 in 2014. He said he began regularly showering his girlfriend with money and gifts. Huo Zun admits the existence of a group chat with friends. He said, “Just a bunch of jerks with some despicable habits, such as, we talk about sex.” In order to not appear inexperienced, he would brag about having other women but claims it was just to show off. He reiterates that until their breakup in September 2020, Lulu was the only one, he never cheated on her and didn’t have sex with other women.

Huo Zun claims that his ex asked to meet up May of this year. She then slammed a copy of chat records and asked him to name a price. He says they signed an agreement and he sent her 580k yuan. When he realized he couldn’t give anymore and that Lulu’s actions can get her in trouble, he said that he called a lawyer to meet with Lulu in an attempt to explain the gravity of the situation. He said that the atmosphere was good so he never expected that Lulu and her friend would say that it was his scheme to threaten her.

Singer Huo Zun Withdraws from the Industry  Following the Fallout from His Ex's Explosive Accusations Yet Stresses He Never Cheated

Chen Lu’s Claims Were Much Different

A week ago, a dancer named Chen Lu posted a photo of herself with the singer on social media but the latter made no response. Chen Lu then went online to make a number of claims along with screenshots. She said that she and Huo Zun started dating in 2012 before he found fame and they’ve been together for 9 years. She claims Huo Zun had multiple one-night stands while they were together. She reveals giving up many opportunities for him. She thought they would end up married. She would scrimp on herself and spend on him.

Chen Lu reveals that she was the girl paparazzi photographed with Huo Zun in 2017. She had wanted to go public with their relationship back then but he told her to delete all traces of him on social media. She was cyberbullied by his fans at the time. She reveals that he would also talk behind her back and ridicule her in chats with his friends. When she finally confronted him, she claims that he offered to pay her off which is why they eventually signed an agreement. However, she says he found a lawyer to threaten her later on.

Huo Zun had initially posted a handwritten apology on Aug. 11 in response to her accusations. Many felt it was too vague as he simply said they watched their first movie together in May 2013 and broke up after 8 years in September 2020. He said they were happy then, experienced the bitterness of life together yet their love eventually reached a fork on the road. Huo Zun gained fame after winning the first season of talent competition Sing My Song. He was also part of the recent Word of Honor concert singing Jin Shu Lai 锦书来 from the OST.

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