Romance in the Rain Stars Zhao Wei, Ruby Lin, Leo Ku and Alec Su Reunite for Chinese New Year Gala

romance in the rain reunion
What an apt throwback Thursday! After almost twenty years, the cast of Romance in the Rain 情深深雨濛濛 were spotted hamming it up in front of the cameras together once more. But don’t expect a reboot of the drama to be the reason for this reunion, because this gathering is for a special New Year’s Day performance for Dragon TV’s Spring Gala airing on the 25th. Chinese broadcasters are known to spare no expense pulling out all the stops for their elaborate holiday programs created especially for the lunar celebration so I’m anticipating what performance the foursome have prepared for the show! With only nine more days to go, you can be sure that everyone is busily running around for the preparations.

Vicki Zhao Wei, Ruby Lin, Leo Ku and Alec Su all starred in the 2001 TV adaptation of the romance novel Fire and Rain authored by Chiung Yao. Vicki and Ruby play half sisters with different upbringings – one in utter poverty and the other in the lap of luxury. Because of the family’s poor treatment of herself and her mother, the 8th wife, Vicki’s character Yi-Ping vows revenge, primarily by pursuing sister Ruping’s (Ruby) love interest He Shuhuan played by Leo Ku. Alec Su also plays another love interest but this time it was first unrequited love as his love for Ruping was not reciprocated until later. 
romance in the rain reunion
Coincidentally, Vicki, Ruby and Alec also worked together in the mega smash hit of the 90s, My FairPrincess aka Huan Zhu Gege. Leo Ku played Alec’s character in My Fair Princess 3.
romance in the rain reunion
romance in the rain reunion
replicating their 2001 photo in another recent reunion for Ace vs. Ace
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