Prosecutors Approve Kris Wu’s Arrest, His Movies Have Been Taken Down from Video Platforms

Kris Wu was detained by Chinese police on July 31 and the criminal case turned over to prosecutors for review. On August 16, the Beijing Chaoyang People’s Procuratorate has formally authorized his arrest on suspicion of rape. ​​​​

Prosecutors Formally Approve Kris Wu's Arrest, His Movies Taken Down from Video Platforms

The same evening, Kris Wu’s movies such as Never Gone opposite Liu Yifei and Sweet Sixteen co-starring Han Geng and Korean actor Joo Won have all been taken down from Chinese video platforms Tencent, iQIYI and Youku, thus removing traces of the actor in film and television. Previously, all of Kris Wu and his studio’s social media accounts had already been shut down by authorities. Upcoming drama The Golden Hairpin which finished filming since 2020 will likely be unable to air until Kris Wu is replaced as the leading man.

Kris Wu had earlier denied allegations from Du Meizhu after she accused him of sexual assault and luring underaged woman. In his response, he had said that he would send himself to jail if it were true. Chinese police previously disclosed that a person convicted of rape could face a minimum of 3 years’ imprisonment. Although Kris Wu has been active in C-ent, he holds Canadian citizenship having moved there when he was 10.

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