Kris Wu Detained By Police On Suspicion of Rape

Kris Wu Detained By Police On Suspicion of Rape

Chinese Canadian star Kris Wu has been detained by Beijing Police as they continue to look into the reports online of “a certain Wu*Fan repeatedly tricking young women into having sex and other related matters.” The allegations that started from a 19-year-old woman named Du Meizhu who claims to have dated him has spiralled into a huge scandal as more details surface. Kris Wu had previously denied her allegations.

On July 31, Beijing Chaoyang Police has released an update on the matter: “After police investigation, Wu*Fan (male, 30 years old, Canadian) has been criminally detained by Chaoyang Public Security Bureau due to suspicion of rape. He has been detained by the Chaoyang Public Security Bureau in accordance with the law, and the investigation and handling of the case is being further carried out.”

​In their initial findings released over a week ago, it was revealed that a third-party took advantage of the scandal to defraud both Kris Wu and Du Meizhu. They also revealed the details from the day Du Meizhu went to Kris Wu’s house. On July 23, Louis Vuitton which was Kris Wu’s last remaining brand endorsement has also terminated their contract. They had previously announced a suspension pending the results of the investigation.

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