Du Meizhu Claims Kris Wu Deceived Underaged Girls, His Team Will File a Lawsuit, She Tags the Police

Du Meizhu Claims That Kris Wu Has Deceived Underaged Girls, His Team Responds with a Lawsuit

Kris Wu Yifan has found himself at the center of controversies involving several women in the past two months. It all started from dating rumors due to leaked surveillance photos of him watching a movie with a girl, which his team denied and explained to be a group outing with friends. However, he was soon subjected to accusations from friends of an 18-year-old college student named Du Meizhu whom they say Kris dated and ghosted. Internet celebrity Xiang Yunjie who was also rumored to be dating him said that she and Kris were attracted and got to know each other but it’s not a disgraceful relationship like Netizens are speculating. With claims by different girls causing an uproar, Kris’s side quickly responded with a legal notice issued on June 3 against the inaccurate statements made by users online.

Du Meizhu Claims That Kris Wu Has Deceived Underaged Girls, His Team Responds with a Lawsuit

However, things did not end there. On July 8, Du Meizhu made new accusations in a long post written on Chinese microblogging site Weibo. She said, “After experiencing cyberbullying and death threats, I still find it difficult to accept after knowing the facts: You love many girls at the same time; and I, Du Meizhu, was just one of them.” Du Meizhu reveals she’s been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and even thought of committing suicide after all the online bullying in the past month. She said too many people have shown her proof that Mr. Wu has cheated. She said, “You have a designated Wechat number for us underaged girls.” However, she reveals that the WeChat, Weibo accounts of “Kris” and his alleged “middleman” have already been disabled. She said, “For privacy reasons, I won’t name the underaged girls who were also hurt. From the videos and text, I learned that your selection requirements are those born after 2000 and underaged girls preparing for the gaokao (national college entrance exams)…”

Du Meizhu says that she’s heard from other women who had the same experience as her and provided screenshots as evidence. She claims Kris Wu would use the same method of “casting an MV leading lady” and “signing a newcomer to the studio” as reasons to invite underaged girls to play drinking games and get them drunk. He’ll allegedly coax them into dating him with sweet words. On the other hand, he’ll have the girls’ photos at drinking parties for people to choose as if they were merchandise. She says she has no reason to resort to illegal acts to draw attention but had to speak out on behalf of the underaged girls. She said, “Hope everyone can keep your eyes open, do not be deceived by the perfect person, see the facts….”

Du Meizhu Claims That Kris Wu Has Deceived Underaged Girls, His Team Responds with a Lawsuit

In the face of such serious accusations, Kris Wu’s studio clapped back with a strongly-worded statement. They say they are shocked that there is no bottom line to the attempts to create buzz and attract attention, they strongly condemn deliberate sensationalism and malicious slander. They have entrusted a lawyer to collect evidence and file a case.

They also shared a statement from Beijing Xingquan Law Firm against Weibo user “Du Meizhu” who has published a large number of false statements about Wu Yifan and provided Weibo private messages and WeChat conversations of a fake Wu Yifan “staff” which has seriously damaged his reputation.

On July 9, Du Meizhu wrote another post to say that all they want is a simple apology. She said she is preparing to file a case with the police and will actively cooperate with them to find out the identity of the owners of the alleged Weibo and WeChat accounts. She has also tagged the police and People’s Daily (China’s official newspaper) in her post.

Du Meizhu Claims That Kris Wu Has Deceived Underaged Girls, His Team Responds with a Lawsuit and She Tags the Police

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