Kris Wu Presses Charges Over Leaked Footage of Him Allegedly Renting Out a Theater to Watch a Movie with a Girl

It seems the obsession over celebrities private lives knows no boundaries. A netizen recently claimed that Kris Wu Yifan booked a whole theater for a movie date with a girl. Along with it were photos and CCTV footage of Kris at the theater with the girl and seemingly being the only two people there. It did not take long before netizens identified the mystery woman to be an 18-year-old internet celebrity known as Xiao Yi Tong Xue (小怡同学) who is popular on social media app Douyin.

Xiao Yi Tong Xue whose real name is Chen Ziyi (陈紫怡) was once caught in dating rumors with Produce Camp 2019 trainee turned actor Ren Shihao back in 2019. The young model has also previously won titles for her beauty. The fact that the photos of Kris Wu appear to have been taken from the projection booth along with surveillance videos that can only be seen from inside the theater were widely condemned.

On May 28, Kris Wu studio subsequently released their lawyer’s statement in lieu of a certain movie theater that is suspected of infringing on Kris Wu’s privacy along with the related content that is suspected of infringing on his reputation. They explained that Kris and his friends successively arrived at the theater but staff of the business establishment maliciously edited footage only of Wu Yifan entering and leaving in order to draw attention.

His studio also issued the following, “With regards to the serious violation of the artist’s privacy and the refusal to apologize by Wanda Cinema (泽艺钱江新城店), the studio has commissioned Xingquan Law Firm to collect evidence and start the prosecution process. We strongly condemn the self-media accounts that took the story out of context, released screenshots and videos, and performed one-sided interpretations and distorted facts. In response to the harsh rhetoric and personal attacks, the studio will not give up on using the law as a weapon to protect the reputation of the artist.”

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