Tony Yu Jingtian Issues an Apology for the Crowding Incident at Shanghai Airport

Yu Jingtian

New year but same old problem. Chinese-Canadian singer Tony Yu Jingtian apologised today after criticism over an airport incident where his fans gathered at Shanghai Hongqiao airport to meet him last week. In a video circulating on social media, the idol was being ushered by security yelling at Yu Jingtian and the crowd to quickly move along. In the clip, fans can be heard shouting “don’t push him!” when security hurriedly ushered the idol away. Unhappy to see how their idol was being treated, they expressed their dissatisfaction. Some also demand an apology on Yu Jingtian’s behalf.

On the other hand, as views started racking up on the now viral video, Netizens questioned why an apology was being demanded when security was just doing their job maintaining order at the busy airport.

“A Star’s Responsibility”

The incident also did not escape the notice of news giant People’s Daily Online who wrote a post lambasting the idol and his fans for not only failing to cooperate and for disrespecting airport security, but also scolded him for “not saying anything”. “He didn’t call on his fans to leave, he didn’t remind his fans to respect the police. This kind of silence is the embodiment of irresponsibility” they said. As a public figure and an adult, they emphasised that the star should be responsible for his own actions, and that he also has the obligation to remind fans to keep public order.

“I am Sorry”

On January 11, the idol finally broke his silence to apologise. Saying he feels “deeply guilty and remorseful” for the incident at Hongqiao airport on January 4, he first apologised to the police, staff and passengers negatively impacted. “I fully realise the gravity of the problem. The team also reached out to law enforcement officers on duty that night, and under their advisement and guidance discussed a more secure and safe way of travelling to ensure such incidents will never happen again.

Yu Jingtian also apologised for the bad taste left on everyone’s mouths by this incident and promised to do his part to keep this from happening again. “I will humbly accept everyone’s criticism and counsel. Thank you for your reminders and guidance. I am sorry.”

Tony Yu Jingtian rose to fame in 2021’s Youth with You 3. However, the show and the idol who was the top contestant then were caught in controversies. The show halted filming and Yu Jingtian withdrew for health reasons.

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