Tony Yu Jingtian Takes a Selfie with Anne Hathaway at NYFW

Tony Yu Jingtian
Photos: Michael Kors/ Weibo and Tony Yu Jingtian / Instagram

It’s New York fashion week once again and spotted attending the Michael Kors Spring Summer 2023 show is former Youth With You 3 trainee Tony Yu Jingtian. Having a bit of a fanboy moment, the singer popped up a selfie of himself with Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway who’s giving off some serious Devil Wears Prada throwback herself in her chocolate brown outfit reminiscent of what Andy wore at the end of the film. Lucky.

Meanwhile, Tony is in town not just to attend fashion week. Thanks to an eagle eyed Netizen who spotted him on the way to class, the singer’s team confirmed to the press that he quietly moved to the US to study at NYU.

Tony Yu Jingtian
Tony hanging out with Japanese model Hikari Mori and Twice’s Dahyun who also attended the Michael Kors show
Photo: Michael Kors / Weibo

Last year, his drama ridden stint as a contestant on the Chinese boy group survival show Youth With You 3 finally ended with his departure from the show due to “health reasons”. Prior to him quitting, Tony was actually a strong contender for the top spot. However, with back-to-back controversies regarding his dual citizenship as well as his parent’s alleged involvement in illegal activities – an allegation that has already been exonerated by police, his agency Astro Music  finally announced he was withdrawing from the show.

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