K-Drama “Our Blooming Youth” to Air While the Chinese Adaptation of “The Golden Hairpin” Continues to be Shelved

Park Hyung-Sik and Jeon So-nee Our Blooming Youth
Jae Yi and Garam disguise themselves as men to investigate in Our Blooming Youth
Source: TVN / Twitter

Slated for a February 6 release, historical drama Our Blooming Youth stars Park Hyung-Sik as a cursed prince and Jeon So-nee as a woman on the run after being accused of murdering her family. While the premise may seem familiar as the drama was supposed to be the Korean adaptation of The Golden Hairpin, it seems changes were made as the show reportedly went with an original script instead.

In the suspenseful second teaser the show recently released, both Lee Hwan and Min Jae Yi are in danger. As arrows whistle past, the two team up to help each other – Lee Hwan as the man who will help her clear her name and Min Jae Yi as the woman who will break his curse. “You must protect me, I must protect you” … It appears for Lee Hwan and Jae Yi, each is the other’s salvation.

Park Hyung-Sik stars in the lead role as Lee Hwan, the lonely crown prince with a curse mysteriously placed on him. Jeon So-nee plays Min Jae Yi, the brilliant woman whose life changes after being falsely accused of murdering her family days before her arranged wedding. The rest of the cast include Pyo Ye-jin as Jae Yi’s bestie Garam, Lee Tae-sun as nobleman Kim Myung-jin and Yoon Jong-seok as Han Seong-on and Heo Won-seo as Tae Gang.

With Our Blooming Youth hitting the screens soon, there’s still the Chinese adaptation of The Golden Hairpin based on the novel of the same name that completed filming in 2020 but still hasn’t aired. The show has had trouble from the start from billing order and leading man Kris Wu who’s now been sentenced to prison.

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