“Full House” Chinese Movie Adaptation Starring Dennis Oh And Zhang Li In The Works

Full House
Full House Movie Stars Dennis Oh and Zhang Li
Photos: Dennis Oh and Zhang Li / Weibo

Almost two decades since the original, the fascination with Full House continues to endure. It seems a C-drama remake wasn’t enough as it was just announced today that a Chinese movie adapted from the K-drama favourite is currently in the works.

To be totally honest, with the numerous iterations already out there, I’m not sure how much more they can revamp the story while still keeping it fresh. Nonetheless, if they’re up for the challenge, I’m game to see how it’ll turn out. Korean-American actor Dennis Oh who has previously acted in Chinese movies and dramas is set to star. Playing the Ji Eun to his Lee Young Jae is Chinese actress Zhang Li. She’s actually worked with another Korean actor in the past having starred in Honey I’m Sorry opposite Joo Jin Mo. The two became a couple before announcing their break up in 2018.

The movie version of Full House 浪漫满屋 held its boot ceremony yesterday October 18 to kick off the start of filming. While both leads are undoubtedly visuals, some comments were directed at their age. Dennis Oh is 41 while Zhang Li is 38. In comparison, Song Hye Kyo and Rain were in their early twenties when Full House aired in 2004.

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