Korea’s Full House To Get Another Chinese Remake

Korea’s Full House To Get Another Chinese Remake
Full House kdrama
Director Zhang Lichuan caused a stir after dropping the news that he will be working on the Chinese remake of the Korean hit drama Full House. On his Weibo account, the director posted details of the Chinese remake 心动满屋 together with the caption “I am sorry for destroying the original, and hope that Full House fans will let me off, I was forced by circumstances!”. Later on, he again took to Weibo to admit that he’s kidding and that he will definitely film a remake that fans want. 

Full House kdrama
For many people (myself included), the Korean version of Full House is THE drama of all dramas which fired the momentum of the Hallyu movement. In fact, my own foray into Korean dramas started with this very drama when my Korean schoolmate handed me a copy and told me “watch it, you’ll love it” — well, that and the movie My Sassy Girl *lol*. After a couple of days marathon watching it with my flatmates armed with bags and bags of Nongshim onion flavoured rings, we were all HOOKED. The drama has a special place in my heart, as it was the drama that got me into watching kdramas, so woe betide anyone who messes with the original and proceed with caution.

That said, there has indeed been multiple remakes of the series in other countries, a testament to how much Full House is well loved by many. The new remake is expected to shoot for three months beginning this June, the cast has not been announced. There is also a previous remake starring Eli Kim and Greenly Zheng filmed in 2015 that still hasn’t seen the light of day.  

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