Dylan Kuo’s Girlfriend’s Late-Night Post on Social Media Fuels Speculation

Dylan Kuo's Girlfriend's Late-Night Post on Social Media Fuels Speculation
Photos: Dylan Kuo and Ma Zehan / Weibo

On September 3, Taiwanese actor Dylan Kuo’s (郭品超) girlfriend Ma Zehan (马泽涵) wrote a post late at night on Weibo that read, “There are only 0 and countless lies, really disgusting.” She took down the post shortly without elaborating who or what she’s referring to.

Dylan Kuo, 45, and Ma Zehan, 26, first made their relationship public in September 2021 with the two saying “I love you forever” to each other on social media. Both were part of the cast of the 2020 fantasy series Eternal Love of Dream. Barely a year in, Dylan revealed his plans to marry in 2023.

With scandals often stemming from celebs suddenly taking to social media to air their grievances, Ma Zehan’s post has ignited speculation about the couple which has gotten both of them trending online. Netizens also observed that their latest interaction was just last month when Dylan liked her photos as he usually does.

Update Sep 4: Both parties took to Weibo to clarify what happened. Ma Zehan wrote, “That night due to some friends, I just wanted to use Weibo to express my mood, which caused a misunderstanding for everyone, sorry!” Dylan Kuo responded, “Yes! I also heard from Hanhan. It’s good that everything is fine, with regards to the misunderstanding, we are very happy together ~ don’t worry everyone”.

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