Dylan Kuo and His “Eternal Love of Dream” Co-Star Ma Zehan Make Their Romance Official

Dylan Kuo
Dylan Kuo and Ma Zehan Make it Official

Dylan Kuo and his girlfriend Ma Zehan just made their relationship “Instagram Official” (except it’s on Weibo) when they both shared at the same time super sweet photos of them celebrating her turning 25 today. “Words can’t fully express what’s in my heart, sincerely and intentionally I Love You Forever @MaZehan” captioned the Taiwanese actor. Meanwhile, actress Ma Zehan echoed a similar sentiment on her Weibo post, also sharing two snaps of them both with the caption “What I want to say cannot fully express my affection, I can’t help tell you that I love you forever @Dylan Kuo.

The nineteen year age difference between them doesn’t appear to faze the couple, as Dylan who’s 44 years-old and Ma Zehan look super loved up if the photos have anything to say. Both actors met whilst working together in last year’s Eternal Love of Dream aka Three Lives Three Worlds, The Pillow Book 三生三世枕上书 where they play supporting roles. As early as 2018, there were already rumblings of a romance when Dylan was papped holding hands with a woman who many speculated was Ma Zehan. A year later, they were photographed at the same hotel in 2019 giving rise to more speculation that they were indeed dating …. except Dylan Kuo flat out denied the rumours claiming that it was just “a dinner together amongst friends”. Today’s “announcement” certainly puts to rest any more speculation, confirming that they’re now both off the dating market.

Dylan Kuo Weibo
Ma Zehan Weibo

Wishing Ma Zehan a very happy 25th birthday!

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