Xu Kaicheng Scandal Puts the Spotlight on Zhang Mingen and Other Celebs Accused of Cheating, Prompting Them to Issue Denials Once More

Xu Kaicheng Scandal Puts the Spotlight on Zhang Mingen and Other Celebs Accused of Cheating Who Speak Up Once More
Photos: Crystal Zhang Tianai, Xu Kaicheng and Gulinazha

It’s another dramatic week as Xu Kaicheng and Crystal Zhang Tianai are smack in the middle of a cheating controversy which saw the actor apologising publicly. Since working together in 2019 on the romantic drama Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友, the two were rumoured to be dating. However, the speculation remained unconfirmed until Crystal publicly shared a recording of their conversation where Xu Kaicheng can be heard feeling bad and admitting to hooking up with a woman after having had too much to drink.

Xu Kaicheng Explains They Were Broken Up Then

In the 7 and a half minute recording which Crystal captioned “repeat offenders, hope every woman will keep their eyes open”, the voice assumed to be Xu Kaicheng’s can be heard admitting that he “felt so bad”. He went to a friend’s house and hooked up with a woman his friend invited over after having too much to drink.  Afterwards he admitted not going public about their relationship wasn’t because of any obligations he had with his agency but because he was “too weak”.

In his apology, the actor first said he’s very sorry to Crystal whom he says suffered a lot of hurts in their relationship. He did clarify though that the “mistake” happened after they broke up on December 16, 2021. However, by December 24th, they were back together again. Xu Kaicheing said though that he felt “tormented” by what he had done that he proposed breaking up once again on the 16th of January. Two days later, he confessed everything which he says is what we heard in the audio. The day after, they got back together again. He said talks of a breakup were back on the table in May, that they had no contact for a period until he made the breakup official on July 10th.

I’m Not the Third Party and Never Will Be

Meanwhile, actress Gulinazha whose name has also been dragged into the issue also received an apology from Xu Kaicheng. The two star in the romance drama Got a Crush on You 恋恋红尘 which wrapped filming in July 2022. The actress was on the receiving end of nasty remarks after rumours pegged her as the third party in Crystal and Xu Kaicheng’s relationship.

Not a third party, never was, never is and will never be one! Even with everyone calling me “third party” all over the internet, I never believed that you are a liar. This recording opened my eyes to the kind of person you are!” said the actress as she reposted the audio shared by Crystal earlier.

Stars Caught Cheating Whilst in a Relationship ?

All this talk about cheating once again had Netizens revisiting old scandals in the not so distant past.

One of them is Chen Xiang and then girlfriend Mao Xiaotong’s which involved Jiang Kaitong as the alleged third party. In 2018, CCTV footage from the elevator of Chen Xiang’s condo shows that he and Jiang Kaitong were inside his flat when Mao Xiaotong walked in. Although the actor claims nothing was going on, Mao Xiaotong eventually released audio recordings in 2021 that pretty much ruined his reputation. Jiang Kaitong too issued a denial at that time. She reiterated that they were just friends.

With their past scandal trending again, Jiang Kaitong who was accused of being a third-party recently took to social media to show her support for Nazha. “Back then, I didn’t have the courage. But now I want to commend Nazha, not trying to whitewash, just making sure women have their eyes open.

Zhang Mingen Says He was Already Single

Likewise, another scandal that seems to be getting some traction once more is Xu Lu and Zhang Mingen. At the time, Zhang Mingen got a lot of flak for supposedly cheating on then girlfriend Xu Lu with alleged third party Hu Bingqing. Hu Bingqing later gave an interview to say that Zhang Mingen said he was single while they were filming on the set of Insect Totem in April 2020. She also claims he confessed his feelings for her but she did not accept.

Zhang Mingen
Zhang Mingen and Xu Lu’s convo which shows they’ve already broken up by February but have not yet announced it to the public

While Zhang Mingen has always maintained that he was already single at that time, his Studio once again released screencaps of alleged conversations between the actor and his ex where it says “ no cheating” and another set between him and Hu Bingqing where it says “no third party” when the issue resurfaced this week.

Zhang Mingen
No Third Party

The convo between himself and Xu Lu dated February and March 2020 seemingly confirms that the couple have already split. Meanwhile, the screenshots of his conversation with Hu Bingqing seems to imply that Zhang Mingen wants to wait before “doing something” but Hu Bingqing is talking about a person messing with her and not him. In their most recent upload, the actor’s studio released an old screenshot allegedly of Zhang Mingen pitting the girls against each other and telling Hu Bingqing to say that Xu Lu’s used accounts to smear her. His studio then includes the caption, “The lesson from shooting your mouth off. The content posted today are factual, willing to take legal responsibility!

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