Chen Xiang Denies Cheating on Mao Xiaotong in 2017 and Explains the Reason He Was with Jiang Kaitong in the Elevator Surveillance Video

Chen Xiang Denies Cheating on Mao Xiaotong in 2017 and Explains He Was With Jiang Kaitong for a Skin Care Appointment
Chat message with Mao Xiaotong indicating that they’re already broken up

Rumors that Chen Xiang may have found a new romance sparked when a video of him at the birthday celebration of a woman who’s thought to be an internet celebrity leaked online. The two were holding hands and hugging while the celebrant was about to blow out the candle and the people surrounding them can be heard saying, “you should give (her) a promise.”

With the renewed attention on his love life, netizens were reminded of Chen Xiang’s ugly breakup with ex-girlfriend Rachel Mao Xiaotong when the actress wrote a cryptic post on October 1 that ultimately led to Chen Xiang confirming their breakup a few days later. It then exploded into a scandal in January 2018 when a CCTV footage of the comings and goings on the elevator from his condo on that day shows that Mao Xiaotong may have walked in on him while he was at home with The Mysterious Team co-star Kiton Jiang Xiaotong

Chen Xiang explains surveillance video

Four years later, Chen Xiang takes to social media to address the issue once and for all. He says that he treated his relationship with Mao Xiaotong with sincerity from beginning to end. However, the love he once thought would last until the end didn’t and continues to be depicted in a shameful manner. He said that being entrapped by cyberbullying has made every step harder, yet he did not cheat. He said, “Is seeing really believing! Does imagination mean the truth?!”

He goes on to explain his side in detail saying that he and Mao Xiaotong broke up in June 2017 after dating for four years. He said that he and Jiang Kaitong had a skin care appointment on October 1, 2017. They stopped by his house to get his things which was also the time when Mao Xiaotong arrived. He included evidences of chat messages with Mao Xiaotong and a screenshot of Jiang Kaitong scheduling a skin care appointment for the eve of October 1. Below is the full translation of his outline of events:

jiang kaitong skin care appointment
Chat that shows Jiang Kaotong arranging her skin care appointment on Oct 1

June 2017
Mao Xiaotong and I broke up over the phone.
September 7, 2017
We confirmed on WeChat that the relationship has ended.
September 10, 2017
I was single when I started recording “The Inn” 亲爱的客栈.
September 16, 2017
I went on Weibo to vent because I was in a bad mood. Mao Xiaotong told me to delete it. While filming “The Inn” that day, I broke down after drinking at night and hugged Wang Ke as I cried.
September 17, 2017
Mao Xiaotong told a friend that we had already broken up.
September 30, 2017
Filming for “The Inn” has ended, I took flight CA1470 back to Beijing.
October 1, 2017
01:51 The plane landed in Beijing, I was wearing an orange jacket when I got home.
03:15 I wore the orange jacket to go out to eat and came home early in the morning to sleep. At noon that day, I wore a blue jacket and went to a unit in the same neighborhood to attend the cast party for “The Mysterious Team” planned by a friend surnamed Hou and stayed there until dark. In between, I found out that Jiang Kaitong had a skincare appointment. With my face full of acne, I decided to go too.
20:39 Before leaving for the skin care appointment, Jiang Kaitong accompanied me home to pick up some things.
20:43 Jiang Kaitong sent a WeChat message to the beauty salon clerk to reconfirm her appointment for the evening.
20:44 Mao Xiaotong came to my house to pack up her luggage and leave but she saw Jiang Kaitong and we had an argument.
20:48 Jiang Kaitong left.
21:47 Mao Xiaotong wrote a post on Weibo and took all the luggage that she had stored in my house.
October 5, 2017
In the early morning, Mao Xiaotong hoped that I would respond to the noise online to make up for the harm that a portion of my fans have caused her over the years. I discussed the content of my Weibo post with her and she said that after I post it, she would share the message and give her response.
11:07 I ignored everyone’s objections and posted the message on Weibo, but didn’t see Mao Xiaotong share the message, nor could I contact her anymore. On this same day on October 5, 2017, some “owner” used moving houses as an excuse to retrieve the property surveillance video from October 1-2, 2017 and secretly recorded it with a mobile phone.
November 2, 2017
The surveillance video that can only be kept for one month was gone.
January 24, 2018
The surveillance video that was intercepted, edited and processed appeared on the internet.

chen xiang new romance
Chen Xiang’s New Romance?

Chen Xiang said that he didn’t want to speak out at first despite people around him urging him to tell the truth. However, the video from a private occasion the previous day has leaked online. He said that the woman in the video is not an internet celebrity but an ordinary girl that he met by chance a year and a half ago. He thanks everyone for their blessings and urges everyone not to pay too much attention to their personal lives. He accepts everyone’s suggestions and criticisms and hopes to gain attention and recognition through his works.

A staff from Mao Xiaotong’s side has issued a response when contacted by Sina Entertainment saying: “A pack of lies, interpretations taken out of context! We have been focused on our own business and ask the other party to do what’s best.” Meanwhile, a staff from Chen Xiang’s side also issued a response when contacted by Sohu Entertainment saying: “We have recently obtained strong evidence that Chen Xiang was framed up, in addition to the evidence that have been submitted that year, at present, the relevant materials have formally been submitted to undergo the legal procedure.

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