Mao Xiaotong’s Audio Recording Reveals That Ex-Boyfriend Chen Xiang Was Shirtless When She Walked in on Him

Mao Xiaotong's Audio Recording Reveals That Ex-Boyfriend Chen Xiang Was Shirtless When She Walked in on Him

Chen Xiang opened a can of worms when he issued a statement on Jan. 30 to address the cheating scandal that ruined his reputation some years ago. As the events unfolded, actress Jiang Kaitong who was the alleged third party has also broken her silence. Chen Xiang’s friend also provided Phoenix New Media with screenshots of chat histories alleging that Mao Xiaotong had planned to frame Chen Xiang. Meanwhile, Mao Xiaotong’s team claps back with two separate audio recordings. 

Jiang Kaitong Denies Being a Third Party

Jiang Kaitong Denies Being a Third Party

Jiang Kaitong writes on Weibo, “Now that Chen Xiang has brought up the matter again, let’s make it clear once and for all, otherwise, I don’t know how long I will be accused of this. When he was with the crew in June of that year, Chen Xiang mentioned many times that he was already single, cast mates and colleagues from the set can attest to this too. After clearly stating he was single, he told me that he liked me, but we stayed friends from beginning to end…”

surveillance footage jiang kaitong and chen xiang

She brings up the surveillance footage and says that she had planned to wait in the garage but Chen Xiang explains that he was previously photographed by paparazzi in the garage so she agreed to go upstairs with him. A few minutes after they entered his house, Mao Xiaotong returned to get her luggage. Jiang Kaitong felt embarrassed so she left first.

She explains that she didn’t speak up before because Chen Xiang said that he would handle things. However, because she didn’t issue a statement right away, it reached a point where no one would believe her anymore. She’s been referred to as xiao san (the other woman) for almost four years, her career plummeted and she could only endure the cyberbullying. She said that from now on, she will no longer tolerate unwarranted accusations against her and will not hesitate to take legal action.

Accusations that Mao Xiaotong Purposely Set Up Chen Xiang

Chen Xiang’s friend has provided New Phoenix Media (iFeng) with chat histories allegedly found in Mao Xiaotong’s computer. When Chen Xiang moved, Mao Xiaotong’s computer was left behind because she had taken the wrong computer so they were able to find the chat histories through her iCloud. Some of the messages include Mao Xiaotong allegedly discussing how to “step on” Chen Xiang and admitted that she has even paid ying xiao hao (marketing accounts) to get the topic trending. She allegedly said that Hunan TV is really disgusting, that he (Chen Xiang) should’ve been slammed until the end, yet he was still able to go on the show My Little One 我家那小子.

Mao Xiaotong’s Team Claps Back

Mao Xiaotong’s side released audio recordings that they say was obtained to protect themselves due to the relentless cyberbullying at that time. The first call took place in the beginning of October. Chen Xiang explains that he just took off his jacket and was looking for clothes to wear when Mao Xiaotong walked in.

However, she responds, “It’s not a jacket, you were shirtless and naked to the waist. Do you think I’m blind, Chen Xiang?” He says that everything was a misunderstanding and that he was really looking for something to wear but Mao Xiaotong says, “I ask you, did I see you naked to the waist when I walked in then you asked me, “Why did you come” Your tone wasn’t very good and then, why did Jiang Kaitong hide? Why did she hide? It’s very weird. A guy and a girl in one room alone, you’re shirtless, she saw me and hid then you ask me “Why are you here?” With everything that’s happened, how do you want me to think? How do you want me to think?..”

chen xiang breaks down in The Inn

Meanwhile, the second recording taken towards the end of October when the Chen Xiang’s variety show was on air shows Mao Xiaotong reacting to the things he said on The Inn when he said he was single and also had a breakdown because of it in a later episode. Mao Xiaotong can be heard accusing Chen Xiang of digging a hole for her and lying about it. He says that he had no choice and that there’s such a thing as dubbing but she says the show wouldn’t have been able to edit anything if he didn’t say anything. See full translation of the recordings from @dramapotatoe below.

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