Shen Yue Fat Shamed by Her Own Fans?

Shen Yue Fat Shamed by Her Own Fans?

Some days, celebs really can’t seem to catch a break. What was supposed to be a routine check-in on social media ended being an argument whether or not Shen Yue should lose some weight. “Delayed for so long, so so so long, a ridiculously long time” captioned the Mr. Bad actress whilst waiting for her flight. Despite the delay, Shen Yue still looked pretty fresh faced in the selfies she popped up recently. However who would’ve thought she’d be fat shamed?

The comment “Lose some weight, thank you” from a fan appeared to be the top comment on her post as it received tons of engagement from those who agree and from those who don’t. Another one pointed out it’d be harder to land a gig if she gained weight. It certainly looks like lots of Netizens felt that way too since the comment already received 5,955 likes.

Meanwhile, Shen Yue’s more sensible fans begged to disagree, one responded in defence, “I’m boiling! Fans are meddling too much?… She’s pretty thin and looks very healthy too. Does she need to look like skin and bones?” This person’s comment has received even more support with 30,461 likes already. Many told the original commenter to “shut up thank you”.

Poor Shen Yue, hope she won’t let these comments bring her down. In the past, the petite actress who gained fame after A Love So Beautiful and Meteor Garden has been picked on for various reasons such as being “too short” and for her fashion choices.

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