First Impressions: A Love so Beautiful

First Impressions: A Love so Beautiful

Within the first few minutes of A Love so Beautiful, you’re charmed and filled with warm fuzzies. The story is well balanced with the cast, color palette and music all working in harmony. Take a seat back, and enjoy this drama.

Synopsis: This review is based on the first few episodes and the online synopsis don’t seem very accurate. From what I have seen so far, the story follows a group of five high school friends and centers around life-long neighbors Jiang Chen, Chen Xiao Xi, and the gradual development of their relationship.

First Impressions: A Love so Beautiful

First Impressions: A Love so Beautiful

Jiang Chen is an intelligent, introverted character that mostly keeps to himself. Though, unlike the typical anti-social genius male leads, he is more realistic, socializing with other students and participating in events.

Early on it’s revealed that despite his constant rejection of Chen Xiao Xi’s pursuits, she’s actually the person he’s most comfortable with. Eventually, through her sincerity and the appearance of love rival Wu Bo Song (Gao Zhi Ting), he starts to like her at a painfully slow pace.

This is my first time coming across Hu Yi Tian. I’d say his acting is impressive, with a nice and soothing tone of voice. I look forward to more of his work in future dramas.

First Impressions: A Love so Beautiful

Chen Xiao Xi, played by Shen Yue, can be described in one word, CUTE! She wears her heart on her sleeve, sulks at the drop of a hat and can just as easily become cheerful. Chen is steadfast in her one-sided love for Jiang Chen. She has liked him for so long that pursuing him is simply part of her daily life, not being too phased by his rejections. The character completely relishes in any attention Jiang gives her.

As a side note, Shen Yue will be playing the lead in the 2018 remake of Meteor Garden. Based on her acting in A love so Beautiful, she is well casted for the role.

First Impressions: A Love so Beautiful

As we get to know each member of the group, each episode shares more depth in the characters. All normal students, facing various issues with complicated families, bullying, unrequited love, and the pressure to get good grades.

Themes in A love so Beautiful have similarities to It Started with a Kiss, Hello Mr. Right, and Big Boss, but with it’s an approach of realism. Unfortunately, for now, this drama is under the radar and not getting the love it deserves. The rest of the story seems promising and I am looking forward to continue watching it.

First Impressions: A Love so Beautiful

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