Shen Yue’s red carpet look trended online to mixed reactions

Shen Yue’s red carpet look trended online to mixed reactions
Shen Yue

Looks like someone’s wanted by the fashion police. 

They did say that no matter how beautiful or handsome you are, people can always find flaws and actress Meteor Garden star Shen Yue seems to have bore the brunt of it once again. She and co-star Chen Duling were among the attendees at the 25th Shanghai TV Festival for their upcoming drama Another Me 七月与安生. 

Shen Yue Chen Duling Another Me
Both women were stunning and giving the media their best charming smiles, however, netizens were quick to pick up on Shen Yue’s attire, it seems like they weren’t too fond of what the actress was wearing with comparisons also made to the taller Chen Duling as they stood side by side on the red carpet. 

Shen Yue
Shen Yue’s skirt became a hot search topic on Weibo last night with mixed reactions online. Many have ridiculed her appearance and said mean things like how the skirt doesn’t really look good on her or that she makes an expensive piece of clothing look cheap. Personally, her entire ensemble isn’t really that bad. I find her rather cute.

Shen Yue
Although, many people made incriminating remarks, there are also fans who defended her online. Hmm, this kinda sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It’s not the first time that the petite actress has been accused of committing a fashion faux pas, appearing in dresses that make her look shorter than her normal size. 

She’s lovely anyway, so maybe her stylist just needs to take extra precaution when choosing her outfit. Oh well, good thing I’m a jeans person. Lol

Shen Yue
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