Chinese Drama Viewership Ratings (week starting June 27, 2022)

Chinese Drama Viewership Ratings (week starting June 27, 2022)

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A Dream of Splendor continues to top web rankings for the 5th week in a row, which is unsurprising given the praise it has received, so congratulations to the series on its success!! ʕ→ᴥ←ʔฅ However, it appears that a new drama is on its heels, as the newly-released rural drama The Story of Xingfu starring Zhao Liying enters in 2nd. The show which also airs on television has garnered a CSM64 average of 0.5% for the week. 3rd place goes to Dr. Tang, a TV series about a female surgeon’s professional and romantic life.

Hello, My Shining Lover, on the other hand, has continued to lead on TV with a CSM64 average of 1.3% for the week. For Truly Great Men, a political drama, and the recently-completed Nice To Meet You Again follow closely with CSM64 averages for the week that are also above 1%.

Additionally, the weekly viewership ratings will be postponed until further notice as we’re aware of the disparity in different ratings reports out there and have yet to determine how to proceed. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope that you all had as much fun reading these weekly posts as I did writing them! So, till then, good bye! ʕづ•ᴥ•ʔづ♡

TV Ratings 

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*The table includes primetime shows that air at 19:30, while those highlighted in blue air at 22:00. **Overall rankings are for the shows airing on the same night, regardless of air time. *** Reruns are not included. **** Dramas that air on CCTV (the state television broadcaster in China) are not included.

Web Rankings

Top Dramas (7-Day)
1. A Dream of Splendor
2. The Story of Xing Fu
3. Dr. Tang
4. The Legendary Life Of Queen Lau
5. Love the Way You Are
6. Mom Wow
7. The Lord of Losers
8. Ordinary Greatness
9. Hello, My Shining Lover
10. Wife’s Choice

*Vlinkage Daily Views Index is based on view count, iQIYI Popularity, Youku Popularity, community and media discussions, and Baidu search. The 7-day rankings are the calculated average of the daily index. **Celebrity rankings are no longer available as there has been a regulation to remove all celebrity rankings in China.

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