First Stills Of Hello My Shining Lover Starring Joe Chen And Jin Han

With the recent virus outbreak happening worldwide, it’s nice to know that there’s still good news with the situation in China getting better. For us drama fans, it’s also a relief to know that many of the dramas that were put on-hold have been resuming to film. One of which is the modern romance drama Hello My Shining Lover 璀璨的你 headlined by Joe Chen (Queen Dugu) and Jin Han (No Secrets). The drama blessed us with their first stills that give us a sneak peek of how the main characters will be when we see them in action.

Joe Chen plays a talent agent who was betrayed by her artist and assistants. As a form of revenge, she turned someone who is considered as a “10,000 Years Passerby” – a Chinese idiom that means someone who is so ordinary that he is like a bystander. By turning someone ordinary into an all-around idol, she gets a second shot at her career. The bystander-turned-idol is played by UNINE’s Chen Youwei in his first major acting role.
This is an exciting reunion project of Joe Chen with famous Taiwanese director Chen Mingzhang who is responsible for two of her hit dramas, Fated to Love You and The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog, both became number one in Taiwan during their airing times. Such dramas became successful because of the story and the main actors. Joe is known to have good chemistry with her leading men so I’m curious to see how this will turn out with Jin Han.
This still surely gave me the vibes that Jin Han’s character will not be an easy one! He plays as a sharp-tongued president of a company who will develop a love-hate relationship with our female lead.
Also joining the drama are actors who already had experience acting in modern dramas: Wang Zixuan (Gank Your Heart), Wang Jianing (My Girlfriend), Wang Zirui (Shall We Fall In Love), Xie Shuai (Across the Ocean to See You), and Zhou Ting Wei (Another Me) with a special role.
This seems like a drama with very familiar plot devices already – female lead trying to salvage her career, rising idol, falling in love with a cold-hearted president/CEO, etc. but I have huge faith in the director and the whole cast especially with Joe Chen that they can make this kind of story work again! 
Did these first stills make you want to check out this drama?
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