Hu Yitian Takes To The Skies With Republican Drama “Defying The Storm”

Hu Yitian

Hello, the Sharpshooter star Hu Yitian returns to the small screens on May 19 with Defying the Storm 凭栏一片风云起 which will air primetime on Hunan TV and streams online on MGTV and Tencent Video. Set during the Republican period, Hu Yitian plays a resistance bomber pilot named Zhang Qi opposite Be Yourself actress Zhang Ruonan who plays his romantic interest Meng Hai.

Zhang Ruonan

Faced with the threat of occupation, our heroine Meng Hai Tang takes the difficult task of standing by her man as he goes off to fight for his country. Ultimately, the series tells the story of the hard choices and sacrifices made – for love, for country, and for survival. Set between 1937 to 1945, the story also focuses on three families as they make difficult decisions during this period of great turmoil. Whilst some chose the pen to protect Chinese culture and heritage, others went down a different route to enlist in the army and fight. The series also stars Wang Jin Song, Zhang Xi Lin, Ryan Zhang He, Lin Zi Lu, Li Min Cheng and Liu Jia Tong.

Ryan Zhang He

Since debuting in a minor supporting role in Rush to the Dead Summer, Hu Yitian has added a lot of youth dramas under his belt. In fact, it was his starring role in the youth drama A Love So Beautiful which gained him a lot of attention. In recent years though, the actor has ventured into other genres. As with his other Republican dramas My Roommate is a Detective and the yet to be aired See You Again, Hu Yitian appears to be well-suited for the fashion of the period. In Defying the Storm, the actor tries out another look as he dons a pilot costume to take to the skies and fight the occupying Japanese.

Defying the Storm Hu Yitian

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