Hello The Sharpshooter Marks Hu Yitian and Xing Fei’s Newest Romantic Collab

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The stars of your two campus romance favourites collide as A Love so Beautiful’s 致我们单纯的小美好 Hu Yitian and Put Your Head on My Shoulder’s 致我们暖暖的小时光 Xing Fei pair up in the newest youth drama Hello The Sharpshooter 你好神枪手. Is it just a coincidence that the stars of author Zhao Qianqian’s always compared hit dramas are joining forces?

Hello the Sharpshooter
Hello the Sharpshooter’s Xing Fei and Hu Yitian

Hu Yitian plays the sharpshooter in question, Shen Qingyuan, and his marked indifference towards intern sports reporter Tang Xin (Xing Fei) when she goes to interview him almost cost her her job! I mean, if you unexpectedly  find yourself face to face with your old shooting instructor whom you used to have giant crush on, I’m pretty sure you’ll also be stuttering like her. Can you imagine your reaction if he was acting oblivious to you? Ouch.

Hello the Sharpshooter
Second leads Luo Qiuyun and Ma Sizhao looking super cute too!

Adapted from author Lian Mu Chuguang’s novel of the same name, Hello the Sharpshooter ‘s story revolves around competitive pistol and rifle shooters all vying to realize their dreams at the Asian Shooting Championships.  And if the just released posters are any indicators, you’ll have plenty of eye candy to choose from! You’ll also see relative c-ent noobs Ma Sizhao and actress Wendy Luo Qiuyun moving up to bigger roles in the drama, as both compete for a spot in the “dream team”.  Zheng Yiming, Jackey Zhu Zijie, Lu Qi and Niu Chao are also featured in the show together with special guest appearances by Jia Qing, Wang Dong and Shi Ming Ze.

The boys of Hello The Sharpshooter

What do you guys think of dramaland’s newest couple pairing? Is it going to be a hit or a miss? Sorry for the pun but I just couldn’t help myself *lol* With everyone keeping their eyes on the target, will Cupid’s arrow also hit a bull’s eye?

Hello the Sharpshooter poster

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