Yang Zi Begins Filming Her Next Xianxia in Tong Hua’s “Lost You Forever”

Yang Zi
Yang Zi headlines Lost You Forever

Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan’s modern drama The Oath of Love appears to be hitting the high notes amongst viewers lately. However, not one to rest easy on her laurels, Yang Zi is switching things up with a brand new costumed historical entitled Lost You Forever长相思.

The series has already kicked off filming following its boot ceremony in Hengdian yesterday, March 28. That means we now have the final casting line-up also on hand. Aside from Yang Zi, the drama adaptation of author Tong Hua’s popular novel of the same name also features actor Zhang Wanyi whom you may very well remember in last year’s The Bond  乔家的儿女, Deng Wei whose been racking up his xianxia roles with upcoming dramas like Chong Zi and Till the End of the Moon, as well as Dai Luwa and Wang Hongyi. There’s also going to be a special appearance made by Tan Jianci whose crime series Under the Skin, drew lots of attention this month.

Lost you Forever is among Tong Hua’s many novels to have made it into the small screens, most notably Scarlet Heart (2011) and her latest being The Memory About You which aired in 2021. In the series, Yang Zi plays Xiao Yao, the secret daughter of Emperor Xuan Yuan who due to the circumstance was forced into hiding. She undergoes hundreds of years of hardship before settling down as a doctor in her male disguise to go by the name Wen Xiao Liu. One day, she accidentally rescues Tu Shan Jing (Deng Wei) the young master of the Tu Shan clan.

Meanwhile, her cousin Qiang Xuan (Zhang Wanyi) has been looking all over for her. However, because they don’t recognise each other, it took several tries for them to finally realise they were related.

Yang Zi Lost You Forever
Lost you Forever Boot

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