Him Law Reveals Their Daughter Is Why He and Tavia Yeung Changed Their Names

Him Law Reveals Their Daughter Is Why He and Tavia Yeung Changed Their Names
Photo: Him Law and Tavia Yeung / Weibo

Married couple Tavia Yeung and Him Law are recently back in the small screens as the stars of Modern Dynasty. While doing promotions, Him Law addressed once more the reason behind changing their Chinese names.

With Tavia Yeung rising to fame using the name Yeung Yi (楊怡) and husband also known as Law Chung-him (羅仲謙), many were surprised when they suddenly decided to go by their new names Yeung Sin Yiu (楊茜堯) and Law Chi Yat (羅子溢). Back then, their first child, daughter Hera Law 羅翊心 born in April 2020, was only six months old when they made the announcement. In December 2021, the couple announced the birth of their baby boy after having kept Tavia’s pregnancy under wraps.

Him Law recently elaborated on the reason for the name change saying, “Because we sought a (feng shui) master to change our daughter’s name, but master said if we want our daughter to have a good life, the parents should cooperate too, the effect will be greater, so we all decided to change it together.” He acknowledges that his new name which has a character chi (子) that translates to son makes it seem like the name change was for them to have a son but he says it’s not like that. As their names are already well-known, he admits the decision was a very big struggle. However, he adds, “But in the end, parents still prioritize the wellbeing of their kids.”

Tavia Yeung and Him Law got married on March 22, 2016. He revealed that the they lived together for a trial marriage before they got married. They discovered that their personalities and living habits were very similar, and they hit it off.

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