Alleged Recording of Kris Wu’s Accuser Du Meizhu Suggests She Does Not Have Solid Evidence

Du Meizhu
Du Meizhu, Liu Meili and Li En
Du Meizhu (L) with Liu Meili and Li En (R)
Source: Weibo: 刘美丽同学呀 and Weibo: 李恩LIEN_

It’s been more than half a year since news of Kris Wu Yifan’s arrest blew up the internet. However, there are recent developments against Du Meizhu (都美竹), the woman who started the ball rolling with her explosive accusations against the disgraced star. In an alleged secret recording, Du Meizhu reveals she might not have concrete proof against Kris.

Du Meizhu’s string of accusations against Kris Wu reportedly include rape, pimping, drugs and luring in under-aged women. He was also blacklisted from the industry and held as one of the industry’s pattern cards of “how not to act” particularly during the government’s tough crackdown on delinquent artists.

“We Don’t Have Very Very Solid Evidence In Our Hands”

Remember the two women who exposed Kris on her behalf? It looks like both of them have continued to blast Du Meizhu on social media. One of the women, Li En (李恩) said regardless of Kris being guilty or not, she intends to show the truth. She released a recording she made secretly of Du Meizhu allegedly saying things like, “If you push him into a corner, he might take a gamble. But we don’t particularly have very very solid evidence in our hands, but to scare him that we have… we might not really be able to win against him, the odds for everyone are 50/50…

In another recording, Du Meizhu allegedly also said once she has the means to do so in the future that she’ll make sure to do everything she can to sink him.

Meanwhile, the Netizen Liu Meili (刘美丽) who claimed her best friend Du Meizhu secretly dated the star and then later fell into depression after he ghosted her, also spoke out. “The thing I regret the most is being used as your pawn” she lamented. She also claims that Du Meizhu treated both herself and Li En poorly even if they tried to help her. Now she said they’re forced to draw the line since Du Meizhu finally showed her hand. Apologising for the part she played in the scandal, she also said her former friend claimed to have depression to gain sympathy and supporters against Kris Wu.

Du Meizhu and Liu Meimei
A photo Liu Meili shared to disprove Du Meizhu’s claim that “she didn’t know her”. Liu Meili is one of the netizens who helped DMZ with her expose.

Du Meizhu Responds

On March 14, Du Meizhu fired back on social media. She started by saying she doesn’t want to take up public resources to argue about something. Expressing that although she’s very much aware some people are trying to mislead the public, she firmly believes in the law. She also shared a photo of a contract with lawyers that she’s allegedly hired as she prepares to take legal action.

She also left a comment, “With regards to the former “friends”, hope you can still sleep well at night having accepted money to throw mud at me. It doesn’t matter if you delete what you wrote, I have saved all the evidence of slander. Everyone please wait patiently with me.

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