Woman Who First Helped Expose Kris Wu Claims Du Meizhu Left Her to the Wolves

Li En and Du Meizhu
Li En and Du Meizhu

So Kris Wu has already been arrested on suspicion of rape, but the story takes another weird turn as it appears Du Meizhu and Li En, the woman who helped expose Kris, appear to have had a falling out.

Backlash from Du Meizhu’s NetEase Interview

Li En recently shared on social media that she now knew what hopelessness felt like. “After being violently harassed by your fans for almost half a month (since August 1), you didn’t even bother to come out, didn’t say a word to defend me. With everything that’s happened, I now realise I helped the wrong person!” Li En said that when she tried defending herself, Du Meizhu unfollowed her on Douyin. Then, when she tried reaching out to Du Meizhu repeatedly, she even got blocked on Weibo!

Turns out after Du Meizhu gave that NetEase interview where she basically revealed she wasn’t related at all to Li En and that she’s just a friend, people have been attacking Li En online. At the time, Du Meizhu said she had asked Li En to stop posting about her on social media and to delete her posts. She added that whatever Li En wrote was her own opinion and in no way represented her. As a result of her revelations, people have been quite critical in castigating Li En online, thinking that her speaking on behalf of Du Meizhu in Kris Wu’s case was all because she was hungry for attention. Moreover, it appears the subsequent attacks on Li En also impacted her psychologically, which is why she said she kept reaching out to Du Meizhu to help her clarify the situation only to be rejected countless times.

Asking for Help

You may remember that Kris Wu’s case started gathering momentum at the beginning of June when a woman claiming to be a friend of Du Meizhu’s alleged that he treated her badly. Li En was the other friend who also spoke up on behalf of Du Meizhu that day and referred to her as meimei (younger sister). Things soon snowballed from there. According to Li En, Du Meizhu asked her for help after a drunken conversation one night. Li En said yes.

Du Meizhu calls Li En jiejie
Du Meizhu referred to Li En as jiejie (older sister)

Based on what we agreed upon, the first time I posted something as Du Meizhu’s jiejie (older sister) was on June 2… Du Meizhu also referred to me as her jiejie, I didn’t just come out of nowhere”. And this was something Du Meizhu acknowledged in her earlier post on social media. However, Li En said she doesn’t really know what happened for Du Meizhu to suddenly change her tune. She admits that theirs is not a blood relationship and that she’s older by a few years.

Li En Says Her Conscience is Clear

With all that’s been said and done, Li En says her conscience is clear. She didn’t get paid for saying these things and has no one else to apologise to. Moreover, helping Du Meizhu state her case was just her sincerely wanting to help someone even if the media portrays her as someone who just wants attention. “What kind of attention is worth this risk? Who wants to be scolded only to be written off as someone who’s attention hungry?” She also said she really hopes this will be the last time she has to explain herself regarding this matter.

Li En says her conscience is clear
Li En says her conscience is clear

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