Xiao Zhan and Li Qin Reunite in the New Drama “Where Dreams Begin” and No They’re Not Dating

Li Qin and Xiao Zhan Reunite for the New Drama "Where Dreams Begin " and No They’re Not Dating

A new collab is in the works between four time co-stars Xiao Zhao and Li Qin who will be taking us all back in time with the retro themed drama Where Dreams Begin 梦中的那片海. Harking back to Beijing in the 70s, the series highlights the struggles young people faced whilst chasing their dreams and growing up during the Cultural Revolution. Oh, and before anyone says something about the pair dating once again, Xiao Zhan’s anti fake team has also gone ahead to reaffirm today that Xiao Zhan and Li Qin are not together by stamping the word “Fake” on dating rumors .

Still Not Dating

Remember the time when Li Qin Studio issued a statement saying Li Qin was single and that any rumours speculating about her romance, marriage or pregnancy are all false? Last year, romance speculation once again cropped up after the actress was spotted having dinner with him and the rest of the crew following his stint playing “patient no. 5” in the play A Dream Like A Dream. Li Qin as well as their The Wolf castmate Zang Hongna both came together to support their friend in the play, but alas folks chose to speculate once again whether Xiao Zhan and Li Qin were dating. Nonetheless, this was also debunked by Xiao Zhan’s Anti Fake Team.

Where Dreams Begin supporting cast

Prior to this latest series, the pair have already collaborated four times in Battle Through the Heavens, Joy of Life, The Wolf and Jade Dynasty. In all four, it has always either been zero connection between their characters or a case of unrequited love . Maybe this time though, fifth time’s the charm? Perhaps audiences will finally get the romance they’ve all been waiting for albeit an on-screen one?

Where Dreams Begin also stars Wayne Liu Ruilin, Cao Feiran, Zhao Xin, Cui Hang, Zhang Lingxin and Lenox Lu.

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