Xiao Zhan Fans Who Fight Fake News About the Actor Slams Rumours That He’s Peddling Autographed Scripts

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Don’t count on getting your hands on that autographed copy of Xiao Zhan’s scripts sold online as his fan team has already debunked these as FAKE. Supposedly signed by the actor himself, the “rare” scripts on offer are from his dramas such as Ace Troops, The Longest Promise, The Oath of Love and his stage play A Dream Like a Dream.

The big red character says “FAKE”

As it turns out, this is all just part of a scam to fleece unsuspecting Xiao Zhan supporters of their hard earned money. In a statement released by the “Fighting Fakes Team”, a sort of watchdog composed of the actor’s fans dedicated to police fake news about him, “there’s absolutely no possibility of signed scripts existing anywhere”. And before anyone questions the legitimacy of this team, Xiao Zhan Studio account also follows their Weibo account. Previously, their team has slapped the words “Fake” on rumors like “Xiao Zhan studio hiring interns and collecting fees of 100k yuan from them” to “Xiao Zhan secretly married with a kid.”

Netizens have also noticed that Xiao Zhan is the plaintiff on a number of cases regarding online infringement disputes. It seems that Xiao Zhan’s team has been stepping up their game to be more proactive when it comes to protecting the actor’s rights and interests. Aside from legally pursuing people who slander him online and taking them to court, it’s high time they also had someone dedicated to calling out unscrupulous folks who take advantage and force trolls who think making defamatory statements is without any consequences to finally face the music.

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