“The Oath of Love” Postponed Three Days Before Premiere

"The Oath of Love" Postponed Three Days Before Premiere

The Oath of Love 余生请多指教 which announced a premiere date of September 8 since a month ago has suddenly been postponed. The series was set for a television broadcast on Hunan TV and online on Tencent. However, scheduling changes on Hunan TV led to a postponement with no new release date as of press time.

The Oath of Love was shot in 2019, the same year that stars Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan had just come from their respective hit dramas in Go Go Squid and The Untamed. It’s been two long years since then. Sadly, postponements like these are a common occurrence in C-Ent leaving viewers to scratch their heads as to why.

"The Oath of Love" Postponed Three Days Before Premiere
Photo shared by Xiao Zhan

As if to appease everyone before there could be any violent reactions, both stars took to social media to encourage fans to wait patiently. Yang Zi wrote, “Thanks for everyone’s attention. In the days that we aren’t able to meet, Lin Zhixiao (her character) will be by your side, let’s wait patiently for the reunion with Lin Zhixiao.” Xiao Zhan wrote something similar and expressed understanding and support for the normal schedule adjustment. He also wrote, “I once said that I envy everything about Lao Gu (his character). If his life were represented with flowers, then his life must be full of sunflowers. I love this kind of life, and I hope everyone lives towards the sun. Thank you, let’s make the process of waiting beautiful.” Xiao Zhan also called for everyone to respond to China’s Qinglang campaign to maintain a healthy online environment.

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