Why Yang Yang and Dilraba Fans Were Fighting Again

Why Yang Yang and Dilraba Fans Were Fighting Again
Photos: Yang Yang studio and Dilireba studio / Weibo

Yang Yang and Dilraba Dilmurat’s fan clubs recently issued separate statements yet their message was one and the same. In adherence to the Qinglang cleanup campaign by China’s internet authorities, they are calling for the promotion of a harmonious online environment. They ask fans to chase stars rationally, to be civil and to deliver positive energy.

A portion of the statement from Yang Yang’s fan club wrote, “We resolutely oppose wrongdoings that incite antagonism and fights.” Dilraba’s fan club wrote, “Against all bad behaviors such as verbal abuse, insults, creating antagonism, instigation, cyberbullying, etc. and all forms of inappropriate fan behavior.” Statements like these have become even more common after an example was made out of the fan wars between Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo such that even Zhao Liying’s studio was penalized for failing to guide fans.

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Dating Rumors Over Takeout Food?

Yang Yang and Dilraba had a very successful collaboration in You Are My Glory. The two stars also gave the ultimate fan service as they were very sweet when promoting the show. They have many shippers to this day such that even separate video clips of Yang Yang and Dilraba eating takeout food sparked dating rumors just because the curtains in the background might’ve meant that they were actually at the same place.

yang yang and dilireba takeout food
Netizens speculate Yang Yang and Dilraba were at the same place

What Happened?

Fast forward to the recent episode of Youth Periplous 青春环游记 and it seems to have become the catalyst for fan wars. The cast was playing a game wherein guests had to choose a different name. Singer-actor Fan Chengcheng happened to pick the name Dilireba. The camera then pans out to Yang Yang’s smiling expression that some took issue with. While this would’ve made shippers happy, some solo fans felt it was an attempt to create buzz. They find it unwarranted to mention Dilireba because YAMG already ended. Furthermore, Dilireba wasn’t even a guest on the show. Some attacked Yang Yang, yet his fans fought back saying that Yang Yang didn’t even say anything. Other Dilireba fans say it was actually Yang Yang fans that started the fight and not them. As the verbal attacks turned vicious such that many fan accounts were muted, it seems both fan clubs are doing damage control with their recent statements.

Incidentally, this isn’t even the first time it’s happened. Before You Are My Glory aired, both fandoms fought over who should get top billing. Back then, Yang Yang and Dilraba’s studios issued statements to put a stop to it.

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