Yang Yang and Dilireba Studios Issue Joint Statements Amidst Fanwars

Yang Yang and Dilireba's Studios Issue Joint Statements Amidst Fan Wars

There’s been a lot of buzz around You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 from the start what with two very popular stars headlining the drama adaptation of another Gu Man novel. However, it seems that having large fan bases has its cons as things have worsened to the point that both Yang Yang and Dilireba studios have issued joint statements to put a stop to inappropriate fan behavior. 

Yang Yang and Dilireba Studios Issue Joint Statements Amidst Fan Wars

In the statements released at 4:55pm on June 11, 2021, both sides called on fans to abide by the law, to be civil and to chase stars rationally. With regards to malicious attacks and slanderous content made on the internet against the other party, both teams reserve the right to take legal action. Both studios will also work hard to promote a healthy online environment. The statement was signed by Yang Yang and Dilireba’s respective agencies Yuekai Entertainment and Jaywalk Studio. 

It’s become common for issues to arise over billing order, and “You Are My Glory” has chosen to order the cast by age. Nonetheless, the fanwars seem to have escalated to another level as of late. While the reason behind the statements are not mentioned, fans from both sides have been fighting viciously online and demanding an apology or for legal action to be taken for the words that have been said. Some say Dilireba’s fans have questioned Yang Yang’s past identity as a soldier. There are also talks of fans printing Dilireba’s face on small placards to promote the drama. Some say Yang Yang fans created indecent rumors about Dilireba.

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