“You are My Glory” Douban Rating Opens at 6.9, Online Viewership Surpasses 2 Billion

You are My Glory

Two weeks into the story, Douban finally opened up the ratings for Yang Yang and Dilraba Dilmurat’s highly anticipated collab project You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 which scored a 6.9 in the charts.

You are My Glory lands a 6.9 Rating on Douban
You are My Glory garners a 6.9 initial rating

Gu Man’s Fourth Novel to be Adapted into a Drama Is Pure Sweetness

As the fourth drama to be adapted from popular novelist Gu Man’s works, you can expect the modern romance to be in line with the author’s other offerings like Love O2O which was similarly helmed by Yang Yang albeit with Zheng Shuang as his leading lady. Which is to say, whilst not entirely groundbreaking, it’s a romantic story that is pretty much served up in a straightforward platter with none of those angsty and convoluted plot twists to muddle everything. Instead, it’s pure sweetness and light-hearted fluff. In fact, YaMG goes all out later on in the series with steamy kissing scenes between both leads.

You are My Glory tells the romantic story of how a game brought together two former schoolmates Yu Tu and Jingjing. Yang Yang’s Yu Tu is an aerospace engineer and expert e-gamer. Meanwhile, Reba’s Qiao Jingjing is a popular celebrity who is also an e-game endorser. The problem arises when a video gets leaked of Jingjing’s crap gaming skills when she’s supposed to be the game’s endorser. To help her level up her game, she reconnects with her old school crush Yu Tu.

YAMG kissing scenes

Douban Rating Too High, Too Low or Just Right?

Admittedly, YaMG’s 6.9 might not sound too impressive, but it seems to be within the same range as Gu Man’s other novels that have made it into the small screens – Love O2O nabbed a 7.0 rating, My Sunshine a 7.1 and Boss and Me with the highest at 7.5. Nonetheless, some fans have been eyeing that 6.9 rating a wee bit sceptically, deeming it to be “unusually low” for such a highly-talked about drama that’s repeatedly trended on social media.

For the most part, it’s viewers who enjoyed watching the drama who find the 6.9 could’ve been higher. But it’s worth mentioning here that the 6.9 rating could still go either way with the finale still a few episodes away. With Gu Man closely handling the script, fans of the original novel would be pleased to see that the drama is as close to the novel as you can get with just a few minor tweaks made for the small screens. YaMG has hit 2.16 billion views on Tencent since its premiere on July 26.

Extra (cute) Promotion from Yang Yang and Dilraba with Childhood Photos

With a story that’s been delivering all the feels, stars Yang Yang and Dilraba have certainly not shied from interacting with each other whilst promoting the drama. Yang Yang and Reba’s latest posts on social media give fans another reason to ship the onscreen couple. Each popping up a super cute photo of the other’s childhood pics on their feed, young Yang Yang and Dilraba are almost identical as they mirror each other giving the peace sign to the camera.

yang yang dilireba childhood photos
You are My Glory Yang Yang
“Professor Yu let’s both do the yeah sign @ Yang Yang” captioned Dilraba
You are My Glory Reba
“Classmate Jingjing, let’s both do the yeah sign @Dilraba”

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