Esther Yu Shuxin Confirms The End of Filming for “A Romance of the Little Forest”

Esther and Vin
Esther Yu and Zhang Binbin star in A Romance of the Little Forest

Esther Yu Shuxin (Cang Lang Jue) has wrapped filming for the upcoming drama A Romance of the Little Forest 两个人的小森林. While there hasn’t been any update yet from the show’s official page, trust the show’s heroine to keep us all posted.

The actress has been sharing BTS snippets from her rom-com with Vin Zhang Binbin (Rattan) on her own page. On October 12, she popped up another post to tell fans, “It’s a wrap for Yu Mei Ren (her character name) ~ Thank you everyone for your hard work!” she captioned.

Esther Yu confirms A Romance of the Little Forrest wrap

One day prior, Zhang Binbin had actually posted a selfie on social media to ask his followers to recommend movies and dramas that he can watch once filming wraps, indicating that he too was likely about to be done working soon. The top commenter with the most number of likes was a Malaysian fan who suggested that he watch Squid Game (great choice!).

A Romance of the Little Forest Vin Zhang Binbin

A Romance of the Little Forest Synopsis

As Yu Mei Ren, Esther plays a fashion blogger with a bit of an unusual background as she holds a PhD in ornithology. Deciding that the pressures of being a scientific researcher were not for her, she decided to become a fashion blogger instead. One day, whilst staying in a B&B, she bumps into an old crush who inadvertently hurt her with his indifference many years before. That old crush turns out to be Vin Zhang’s character Zhuang Yu, a professor of botany who devoted his entire life to his passion for scientific research who’s currently in town to complete his research. Yu Mei Ren’s ornithology background proves to be a big help towards Zhuang Yu’s research, and as the unlikely pair draw closer to each other, love blooms.

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