Is Hong Kong Singer Gigi Yim the Real Life Version of the “Squid Game” Killer Doll? Netizens Seem to Think So

Squid Game
Gigi Yan Mingxi vs Squid Game's Killer Doll
Gigi Yim Ming-hay and the killer doll from Squid Game

#SquidGame fans what do you think about Netizens saying sixteen-year-old Gigi Yim Ming Hay looks like the “red light, green light” killer doll from the series’ first episode? Do you see the resemblance? Sporting super short bangs and almond-shaped eyes, Netizens jokingly pointed out how the show’s killer doll reminded them of the Stars Academy talent show champion who also wears the same distinctive cropped bangs and almond-shaped eyes; and if Squid Game ever did need a live action version of the doll, Gigi would be the perfect candidate.

Gigi herself seems quite amenable to the idea, somewhat agreeing that the resemblance is there. Responding in an interview, Gigi said that she wouldn’t turn down the opportunity if it does come a-knocking. “If the company gives me this opportunity and thinks I should give it a go, I’ll definitely try it. But if I want to play the giant doll, I’ll have to learn how to spin my head 360 degrees!” laughed the singer.

Gigi Yim Ming Hay is the winner of talent show Stars Academy produced by TVB. Prior to her stint in the show, the singer has already racked up ample experience in performing at the various singing competitions she joined.

Screencap from the Netflix series Squid Game

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