Celebrities Resort to Filing Cases with the Cops Against Defamatory Claims

JIng Boran and Fan Bingbing

The aftershocks from the Kris Wu sex scandal continue to reverberate across the industry as Jing Boran and Fan Bingbing become the latest celebs to be named by the rumour mill to also be involved. Taking to social media yesterday, both stars have confirmed that they will be pursuing legal action against those spreading defamatory claims about them and that the matter has already been forwarded to the police for investigation.

In their statement yesterday, Jing Boran Studio said that because of the large number of malicious rumours circulating through chat messaging apps like WeChat, Weibo, and Douban, they have already gotten in touch with their legal representation as soon as possible about the issue. However, because they were unable to access the personal information of those accountable, they have decided to seek help from the police given the seriousness of the matter. “Taking into account the serious nature of the incident and its vicious impact, after discussions with Mr. Jing Boran, we (the studio) have finally decided to report the matter to the police and accompanied our artist to the police station at 22:41 this evening.” Jing Boran Studio further added that while the internet is not an illegal place, they hope that majority of netizens won’t be fooled by the rumours and refrain from spreading them.

JIng Boran Studio

Meanwhile, it appears Fan Bingbing also followed the same route, announcing on social media that they’ve already turned over the issue to the police for investigation. “The internet is not above the law… hope netizens will treat unverified rumours rationally and consciously resist mere speculation. Don’t fall for rumours and aid in spreading them. Don’t repost unverified information and definitely don’t “fabricate and add-on”, otherwise, face the full brunt of the law.”

Fan Bingbing

Nowadays, immediately filing a case with the cops seems to be the only way to go since issuing a lawyer’s letter doesn’t quite carry the same weight as it used to. Kris Wu had already been there and done that when rumours first cropped up; but then look at where he’s at right now – detained on suspicion of rape. In any case, involving the cops now seems like a good idea to show that malicious actions do have consequences after all. Nonetheless, the police clearly have their work cut out for them if this trend of involving celebs in unverified rumours continues to persist.

Update:  As of press time, host He Jiong and Chinese actor Bao Bei’er have also been added to the list of stars allegedly involved and they too have also confirmed that they’ve already filed defamation cases with the police to investigate.

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